Monday, 1 March 2010


Ugh, Please excuse the title! I don't know what's wrong with me these days - Im developing an unhealthy fetish for cheesy puns! Anywho please ignore! We will blame it on my limited vocabulary! Lets get back to the post in hand - I have been blessed with many imperfections, one being my horrific vision. As an adolescent and freakishly ugly teen I was branded with cheap NHS glasses (free government specs - for all the internationals) that did no favours for my personal image nor pulling power (violins please). This was all to change as the spec-tacular (sorry) brand that is Oliver Peoples guided me towards the light, both literally and figuratively! I now hold my head up high wearing my third pair of OP'S and I am proud to say my name is WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i and I am short sighted!
Style - Dannie
 Style - Sheldrake

Style - riley

I love them all I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! Idea - How about the gang at Oliver Peoples send me the whole collection (free of course) and then I can make a just and informative decision - I think thats fair!

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SabinePsynopsis said...

I think I would need to see your face before I could recommend one (and I checked the site, but there were only other models to be seen, so unless you are one of them...) But personally I love the last frame, although they are all beautiful.


I have a face only a mother could love! ha! So sadly I think the people at OP's would shy away from allowing me to model their beautiful specs! I too love the riley's - i may just have to treat myself!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

I want these glasses.


Treat yourself matey!

STEFANIE said...

what a coincidence! I went looking for a pair of glasses for my sister yesterday, she tried on Dannie! Although she picked up another pair in the end, we both really loved it :)