Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kites on steroids

Kites have provided me with many an hour of fascination and intrigue (small things amuse small minds). However, my kite was never to experience the excitement of flight, you see it was of the cheap kind (I was deprived as a child) and seemed to prefer to be dragged against the grey concrete then be up in the air boasting its fluorescent uniform with pride. Come to think of it, the kite didn't fail me, it was my sheer lack of coordination that failed the kite. Julia Hederus on the other hand is one such lady that has perfected the whole kite flying malarky. The Swede has injected performance enhancing steroids into her flying contraptions to ensure they are the meanest leanest kites around!

Air coat - €380

Anorak - €300

Tether Scarf - €160

Kite shorts - €148

Check this beauty out!
Felt Helmet - €180 

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Pics courtesy of Julia Hederus

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Sjaar said...

That helmet is the bombd!