Monday, 26 April 2010

St Look....26/04/10

Francesca - Journalist

Dress - American Apparel
Denim shirt - Salvation Army
Jacket - Primark
Boots - River Island
Bag - H&M
Rings - New York

Im feeling a tad more confident with my baby (450D) - however, I still haven't weened myself off the Auto setting - shhhhh, Im too honest! Anywho, the beauty in question was more than willing to allow me to snap away for a good few minutes until I got some half decent shots, during which I discovered she's a journalist for the Daily Sport (do your research, its hard to believe whom such a softly spoken young lady writes for - any guesses?) Enjoy..

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ye Olde England...

As a wee child and an unsightly teen I never fully appreciated the beauty of tudor England. What was of interest, were the harsh shards of Daniel Libeskind and the sheer elegance of Gaudi. I was blind to the old world when the new world excited the imagination far more than the blackened oak and the wattle and daub (a mixture of branches, twigs and wait for it... cow pat - still makes me snigger like a child) which were used to create the distinctive black and white Tudor facade. My recent day out to the Last Drop in Bolton brought back all those memories of being a child on a school trip in my fluorescent yellow cagoule (tragic) whose sole purpose was gaining a back seat on the coach of our yearly school trip to one of the many Tudor mansions that grace our green hills. To begin with, I was far more interested in getting my mitts on the traditional English afternoon tea (mmmm... clotted cream - Homer doesn't know what he's missing). With a belly full of cherry scones and cucumber sarnies I began to appreciate the beauty around me and began snapping with my Canon 450D. Im still learning people... so please excuse my distinctly amateur pictorials.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


In 10 sleeps time I shall be reciting the very words made famous by Kennedy, "Ich bin ein Berliner". I very much doubt it will have the same effect as it did in 63 as it shall be recited in my distinctly monotone English accent. The reason for my trip... Its my 24th birthday (Im a big boy now) and Im going it alone, yup on my lonesome, all by myself, billy no mates (tear). I like an overly excited child have been marking the days off with a highlighter - SAD (an important countdown deserves a special kind of pen... green for those whom are interested). I just hope I don't fall victim to the volcanic ash - Damn you Iceland and your natural beauty! Its only normal to want a special backpack for a special trip right...? I think so too (great minds think alike). Fate introduced (Google actually) me to the Japanese based accessory designers known as Master-Piece whom experiment with a range of extensive fabrics and vivid colours to create the perfect rucksack.. All was well until I spotted the price, sigh. Donations will be much appreciated....

Hunt Backpack

Hunt Backpack - £489

Over backpack - £185

Shop online

Pics courtesy of Oki-Ni

Monday, 19 April 2010


23 going on 73... In recent years I have increasingly become one of those whom cant help but "tut".  Queues, people walking at a third of the average walking speed (those culprits are victims of two of my menacing tuts) the list is endless... The outside world is abundant with many an inconsiderate person, so I, like an arthritic pensioner am at my happiest in my long johns, a blistering hot water bottle, a mug of earl grey, a chocolate digestive or two and a good documentary on the history channel, SAD!! But true! One pet hate that truly grinds my gears (pea-tear-griffin) is the infuriating and exasperating (deep breaths) daily occurrence of emptying all pockets of my ones, twos and threes (pennies). What's worse is that I have had a hole in my lambs-leather wallet for over two years which leaves a trail of pennies for many to have a day of good luck and leaves me with a slightly pathetic looking bank balance. Hey, what's mine is yours - not for long. Its time that I invest in a new wallet and I have found just the brand. Il Bussetto is an Italian leather manufacturer whom take pride in its craftsmanship, producing wallets and coin purses in rare leathers and distinctive colours. 

Ostrich Leg Leather wallet 

Sting Ray Leather wallet

Black Leather Wallet - £75

Shop online

Pics courtesy of Liberty + Il Bussetto

Friday, 16 April 2010

Incubi plays Dress Up

Meet Incubi.. The demented sibling of the boogyman. According to folklore, this demonic figure is partial to a spot of rudies with his sleeping victims (I tell no lie). Tame in comparison to his younger brother, whom takes pleasure in scratching at the windows of misbehaving children and for those unlucky few, he may even be hiding under the bed giving the misbehaved a tickle whilst they sleep (the lights may be kept on tonight). The Architect turned menswear designer Adam Kimmel may have enjoyed his encounter a tad too much, as he proposed payment to come in the form of his distinctly American designs, rather than the traditional payment of a Benjamin on the bedside table (not that i would know.... Seriously I don't! HA).  Putting my odd fantasies to one side, I came across Adam Kimmel's AW10 look book and was instantly drawn to his gremlin like breed of models and not to the actual looks. After a brief snigger (small things amuse small minds) attention turns to the velvet, which I gratefully appreciate. What I don't appreciate is that weird sensation you get when you touch the mongrel fabric - the very same sensation I get from touching cotton wool (shiver). Plus Im not feeling the whole bow-tie/ dandy malarky - i just don't get it and never have. That aside... Id like to acquire a piece or two - maybe the double breasted red velvet blazer.

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Pics courtesy of

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sir Philip... You spoil me

Sir Philip + team are back to satisfy your appetite with its second helping of its perfectly risen TOPMANLTD collection of the year. The label promises no Hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours, colours nor E numbers in this Spring banquet. The ingredients - 50% Scandinavian style, 30% Simple lines, 10% prints and 10% classic cuts. Taste Test - The collection is far simpler then its predecessors, the design team have shied away from a Heston Blumenthal foamed concoction of lettering and bold flavoured prints. In its place, are taste buds are tantalised by sharp specs of vivid yellows, corals, paprika and emerald greens which perfectly compliment the earth undertones. The Verdict...... I need time to digest (I had seconds of the 50's bowling shirt collar). Enough with the Loyd Grossman talk, on a serious note, their are many stand out pieces that I shall be acquiring. However, I just feel that their is too much of one thing and not enough of the other (sorry Philip... were still best mates right??). Id like to see them introduce a pair of shoes or three into the collection and maybe focus less on outerwear... What do you guys think, yey or ney?
White Double breasted Jacket - £90
Stone Multi Seam Trouser - £40
Green Double breasted Jacket - £90
Camel Zip Through Bomber - £36
White Roll-Up Shirt - £28
Navy Geo Print Resort Shirt - £30 
Yellow Chinos - £40
White Geo Panel T - £18
White Resort roll-up Shirt - £28
Brown Leather Pleat Belt - £20
Navy Silken Scoop Neck T - £18
Olive Slouch Vest - £10

I present the icing on the cake...
Brown Leather BriefCase - £65
View and shop the full collection at

Pics courtesy of Topman

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Specs - Oliver Peoples
Shirt - Vintage Pendleton
Gold Ring - Fancy Sexy Me / Brooklyn Artists and Fleas

I have decided to give in to peer pressure and post some self portraits so that you guys can finally put a face to a name. I am however,  the least photogenic person (at-least thats my excuse for just having an ugly mug) so please ignore the bad skin and the E.T. fingers. I agree, I am the most self-deprecating person you shall meet.


Monday, 12 April 2010

St look.....12/04/2010

Chloe - Student / Central St Martins College of Art & Design

Skirt + Top - American Apparel
Lace socks - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Cancer Research

Please excuse the lighting, shadows etc... Im new to this camera malarky and struggling (as you can probably tell).  I tried to experiment with photoshop but failed miserably, the beauty in question ended up resembling a leper! I fear technology and all its evils....

Friday, 9 April 2010

B store...B Blighty

Here in good old Blighty, past the rolling green hills, through the meadows, the horses and the cattle one can find many a modern day bazaar with their imposing square footage all boasting identical and predictable collections that simply leaves us looking like mirror images of are comrades in the U.S. of A and the continent. I ask, is the lure of immersing oneself in the  brashness and in many cases the down right gaudiness of the major fashion collections too much of a pull for many of the buyers? Does interest ultimately dissolve on the part of the buyer when the Davids of the fashion world say No! to being a part of Goliath's (This is in no way a reference to Anna Wintour and her minions...Pfff!) marionettes. My point is (I have a tendency to waffle) their are a vast number of talented individuals that simply don't have the financial backing to bombard us with its offerings and so are overlooked by the powers that be and we the public, in turn become ignorant to their very existence. All is not lost...I introduce B Store, a concept store that says No! to branded luxury and instead looks to entice those whom wish to indulge in innovative labels and budding graduates (My very British stiff upper lip was lost for a moment - Ha). Lets take a looky look...

Bristol pinstripe cotton tunic - £159

Barker natural short sleeve t - £59

Basil Gingham trousers - £125

Pleated front Burnley shorts - £119

Suede cut out shoes - £189

Leather Malcom shoe - £189

For the ladies amongst us - I give you...

Leather and suede fringe Edie shoe - £179

Pics courtesy of B Store