Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rhythm sticks...

The search was on to find Decorative pieces (accessories for us common folk) for the fashion conscious male. Hours were spent traipsing the world wide web for little morsels of information to lead the way down the yellow brick road to a pot of treasure. I came across many a fools gold and found myself sulking at the measly bits of pieces that I had found. However, all was not lost, I did stumble upon some little gems that made me get a little bit too excited and I shamefully began to stalk the designer in question (note to designer: I promise I'm not a deranged fiend, just a well mannered stalker - trust me there's a difference). I have a feeling the Austrian born Florian Lastaetter might like to delve into the world of sodomy and bondage (I found myself unintentionally singing "Hit me with your rhythm stick") as his pieces open up a world of ominous thoughts. Thus they are not for the wimpy kind (i.e. me).



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Pics courtesy of Oki Ni


The Man from Amsterdam said...

I can see the bondage inspiration!

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Original necklaces !

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Clara said...

lovely pics
great blog!