Wednesday, 3 March 2010

B B B B B B BAD.....

For Four months I scrimped and saved every penny I had (Trust me! I embraced every ounce of my Jewish heritage) so that I could go crazy on the streets of New York! However, I arrived in the promised land with 19 kilos and came back with a disappointing 22 Kilos, Lame! I struggled - "What goes around comes around" couldn't tempt me with its vintage offerings and Opening Ceremony just didn't have the selection I expected and was hoping for! However, I did manage to find a gem amongst all the distinctly average bits and pieces! Situated between Bedford and Berry (Williamsburg) is the small but yet rewarding "Artists and Fleas". Amongst the many talented independent designers were the guys of Fancy Sexy Me with their hand made unisex Nuckle Dusters! $50 got me 14 karats of gold and I gave myself a pat on the back!

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amy said...

amazing, want one!