Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The gloomy world of Damir Doma

As explained previously, I shy away from all things menacing (not that Im a complete coward, well come to think of it I might just be) however, Im gradually dipping my toes into the murky waters of fashion and appreciating the darker figures that can be found loitering around the back alleys of the major fashion weeks. One such figure known as Damir Doma is one that has been catching my eyes over the past couple of years and he may just be the one to bring me over into the dark side. Although, to be fair Im easily persuaded... A perfectly formed silhouette and a bag of sweets and Im all yours - yup, Im cheap! 

Zipped boot - £599

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Pics courtesy of Damir Doma


Amy T said...

i love how everything is oversized in this collection... wonderful

tobes said...

this is why i love mens fashion!!
thanks for posting hun,
xo Tobes

Davidikus said...

All in all, this is a very gray collection (and I am certainly not complaining). I don't think I would wear the trousers but the coats are splendid - especially the belted undercoat.