Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Im spoken for...

HA! Who am I kidding! Im very single and Im very much alone (awwww). Scrap that! Well not the single bit but the alone bit - Ill have you know thats there isn't anything better then spending many a night being the third wheel amongst all your mates whom have found love and are sickeningly happy (it doesn't make you feel any less single - I promise!). The icing on the single cake - is of course the look of pity followed by the patronising smile and then those five words "I have a single friend"! Urgh! Me thinks I have issues! HA! Anywho, like many men I want to bask in everything bespoke and tailored. However, the option of popping in to see my old chums at H Huntsman & Sons and have my surname stitched into the lining of my Norfolk jacket ensuring it was "Spoken for", is sadly not an option. I on the other hand can  visit (well not personally, but via Harrods or Blue & Cream) the talent that is Bespoken. Each piece is spoilt with love and attention (in this case craftsmanship and quality) to ensure that it is a cut above the rest (no pun intended).
Pics courtesy of www.vogue.com


The Man from Amsterdam said...

You never fail to disappoint, means I always disappoint.. Thanks :P

Love these styles!

jack bespoke said...

dont underestimate the little details, love it all
(and not just cause my blog has almost the same name hah)
great blog though, finally something for the boys, will be following



Thanking you matey!

Anonymous said...

love menswear tailoring... so far i've only managed to find one brand that brings bespoke style shirts to women's wear (pink tartan)... great images too!




i have been in your shoes! i have been in the single game for awhile and not by choice and iv learnt to live with that and the "hey this is my single friend" as in "he cant find anything besides a 1nightstand" lol "no really" lol great blog and photos :)