Sunday, 28 February 2010

Red and yellow and pink and green...I can sing a rainbow!

Question! What's rarer than a painite gem a William Shakespeare autograph or the first published comic under "The amazing Spiderman" series?? Answer - Solid coloured socks. I kid you not! They may not come with a price tag of six trillion pounds but they do demand the same importance (well in my world, actually only in my world! ha!) For months I searched high and low for the above but with no success! I could list the number of high street shops that failed me but I shan't bore you! The trusted and the king of basics that is American Apparel never fails its sock hungry shoppers. Dark blueberry, green apple, eggplant and coral (my personal favourite) are just some of the colours my tootsies are getting pleasure from!

Roll up Roll up and taste the rainbow!

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Davidikus said...

If you can, check Uniqlo too. Their products are (far) better quality than American Apparel, and they have coral, light blue and all sorts of colours!


Thanking You!