Monday, 22 March 2010

When Pendleton met Opening Ceremony...

Many a brand are turning their attention to breeding with a thoroughbred to ensure that its offspring have the best chance of survival within the fashion wilderness (not quite survival of the fittest! But you get it). The stallion with it's impressive stats known as Opening ceremony has the pulling power to attract the biggest beauties from around the world. Its conquests includes the native american brand whom prides itself on its pure virgin (not anymore! She has acquired a taste for debauchery and sin) wool clothing! The results of its procreation are as follows...

Shorts - $290

 Hoody - $375

Shorts $290

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Pics courtesy of Opening Ceremony 


Ganymede Girl said...

I'm a fan, the fabric is really cool, too bad it's out of my price range.

Amelia said...

god i love these, i might just get a pair even tho they r for guys ..
amelia x x

chloe said...

i loooooove the navajo look!
great blog.
naughty mess vintage

Lilian mp said...

I'm wondering which acid the guys at O.C were on when they released this wonderful pattern.