Monday, 9 August 2010

Little Spy.

Trench: Burberry
Shirt: Reproduction
Cardigan: Vintage
Chinos: Topman
Socks: Happy Socks
Penny Loafers: Bass
Specs: Oliver Peoples
Ring: Fancy Sexy Me

Although Sweet with a liquorice like sheen and delicious to the touch, these tasseled loafers boar a bitter-sweet aftertaste... Sweet comes in the form of its refined leathery goodness, evolving a debt ridden pauper (a degree in economics brought me nothing but a spiraling overdraft) into somewhat of a prince. As for bitter, well - the realisation that my clumsy man size feet had shrunk two sizes to an above average feminine size 7, left my content self burdened with a sudden wave of grief, frantically trying to persuade a somewhat unresponsive sales assistant that "I am a size 9, I swear - It must be the shoe". Does this also mean that gravity has had its wicked way with my 5ft 11 and a half (the half being very crucial) inch frame? Surely not! Can't be, or could it? Are my elf like feet destined to trot in a pair of Tom Cruise-esque lifts? Or will compensation come in the form of a doctor Seuss hat... Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Good behaviour (Pfff!) deserves more then a pat on the back, right?? Whoever said the best things in life are free (Janet and Mr Vandross you lie) haven't experienced those very endorphins that make you feel all tingly and fuzzy inside when parting with a bit of hard earned monies. So without much persuasion, I decided to treat my good ol' self to some well deserved goodies over the weekend...  Apart from the fact that I hadn't acquired what I originally set out to (Damn me and my indecisive ways) I can however, count on my favourite vintage gaff -Bionic 7, to give me just reasons to spend - and spend I did.
The Happiest of Happy Socks
Source Magazine
60's Vintage Cardigan - Ello Grandad
mmm Buttons
Repro Shirt
Bass Burgundy Penny Loafers

Monday, 2 August 2010

My little pony.

Couch commando was no playful game for the light hearted in the WE SPY household, more of a brute demonstration of my elder siblings clout over their impressionable, waif like brother. Their autocratic barks clearly defined my position within the pecking order, a position in which I remained still and unvoiced as they gorged on the pastel drivel of "My little pony" and her phony chums. motionless I remained, to ensure that the bribes and favours I bitterly adhered to, would buy me 22 minutes (excluding those pesky "Baby all gone" commercials and her mysterious, vanishing cherries - how did they do it?) of true bliss that came in the form of my mutant buds, the X-men. With my Mouth ajar and eyes glazed, I found myself in a trance of sheer content, that is until the ponies began to skip and merrily trip in their fluorescent world of do-gooding. Yet, my fickle and o so indecisive self has been converted to not only those damned ponies but to the confused half shoe - half boot, ankle hogwash... That is the desert boot. The blame?? Who else but the ever giving - Opening ceremony, whom shower us time after time with bits and bats of goodness. Without further ado, I gave you pony booties.
Opening Ceremony - M1 - Desert Boot - Pony - Taupe
Opening Ceremony - M1 - Desert Boot - Pony - Black
Opening Ceremony - M13 - Rubber Soled Desert Boot - Pony - White

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