Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The sun has got his hat on... hip hip hip - blahhh! The fickle month of April, that typically has us Brits drenched in the wet stuff and cowering under our stereotypical "Made in Britain" waxed, waterproofs. Has been replaced by a serene scene of scented carpets and our usual stagnant city air is now laced with the delicious and distinct scent of sizzling fat on smoldering barbecues. With our pagan G-D blessing our usually drizzly isles with glorious sunshine, we have come one in worshiping the sunshine. Layers have been shed, baring almost all on our tiny high-rise balconies to bathe in our pagan G-D's warm kiss.   
Though for I, the little spy, the early coming of summers bliss is bitter sweet. Bitter because I have been stripped of my final month of layering. I revel in tiers of fabrics and contrasting textures and summer prevents just that. Instead we plod along in yawn inducing tee's and knobbly knees, exposed by shorts in various shades of boring. 
Impatiently I await for autumn's return. Until then I look to Dana Lee's impeccable FW11 collection, which consists of simplistic layers of rag-knits, hopsack shirting and marino wools in the most delectable colour pallet of deep burgundies, orange rusts, lavenders and olive greens.

Pics courtesy of Dana Lee

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Ello.... Apologies are due to the lack of posts of late, my concentration lies not with the frivolous joys I daydream of, but with finding an apartment in my new home to be - London. After many torturous weeks of searching north and south of the river, I and three of my closest buds are soon to call Hendon home. It's no Dalston... Skinny-jeaned hipsters are replaced by the abundance of bagel gaffs (mmm, salt beef kosher goodness). Now that I have a place to call home - I suppose its time to find myself an internship... Yup - I plan on being someone's bitch boy, offering my skinny self for free, for 3 months... eeek!
As you lovelies know, I have been lusting over various man-bags, nothing too fussy, sissy or tactile, something sturdy and masculine to stop my pockets from jangling. I contemplated the "playing it safe" rucksack, though for fear of looking like a lost foreign exchange student, that thought was quickly dampened. So without further a due... I introduce to you, my new man-sized, man-bag - The mulberry clipper, in oak natural leather. It's a Beaut!

Shop Online: Mr Porter

Thursday, 31 March 2011


I have been obsessing, with my mouth ajar (no dribble - I promise), over the cinematic brilliance that is Lykke Li's "I follow rivers". Why so brilliant, I hear you ask.... Well it's only directed by none other than, THE Tarik Saleh - whom takes the schizophrenic forms of graffiti artist, slash film director, slash animator, slash all round hero of mine - he's so dreamy (in a none perverse/homo-neurotic kinda way) when I grow up, I want to be just like him. Ooh Ahh - Enjoy.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Friends, readers and passers-by... I am uniting with the North-South exodus and migrating to pastures new. Exchanging the rain and benign, for a new life, a new chapter, a new beginning in the BIG smoke. I have pondered, deviated, hummed and hawed over such a move for quite some time and I have finally decided to join ranks with those thousands of wanderers, seeking our modern day holy grail - opportunity. So it's time to follow those very opportunities that I desire and crave.
Opportunity aside - "Priority", keeps rearing its sensible head (Urgh - shoo, be gone with your guilty ways!)... Sensible I am not, nor can I conform to an oppressive, killjoy of an adjective. My priorities comes not in the form of purchasing the necessities to play house (I wonder if fisher-price do an 18+ cook set), my priorities are those frivolous bits + bats which I need, ok....want, to make such a move that teeny bit more comfortable. My latest want, comes from Isaac Reina's, architectural leather tidbits. No frufru frills here people! Simplicity is king when it comes to these understated, aesthetically joyous, leather pieces. Lets take a look-see, shall we?... O and wish me luck.
My Fave
Standard Week-End Bag
Full Calf Natural 
Standard Satchel
Full Calf Natural
Cynlindric Coins Wallet
Vegetal Tanned Calf Natural
Cynlindric Cards Wallet
Vegetal Tanned Calf Natural
Cynlindric Coins Wallet
Vegetal Tanned Calf Natural
Cynlindric Cards Wallet
Vegetal Tanned Calf Natural

Pics courtesy of: Isaac Reina

Thursday, 24 March 2011


The hoodie... the uniform of choice for a generation of disgruntled youths. A uniform that has the unassuming passersby, quicken their steps and cross the road, with heads bowed and fists clenched - as these menacing, cloaked figures approach. Like a scarlet letter, this unnatural mix of cotton + polyester, tars the hooded unknown with that which is demonic and unchaste. I confess, I am one to stereotype, uneasy I am around such caped, Reaper-esque shadows. I choose to seek cover amongst that which is familiar, or a seat close to the front of the night bus always helps in easing my suspicions (pussy!).
Though, Courtney McWilliams, the fresh face at Givenchy, is one such menswear designer that does not share such reservations. Instead she embraces in all that is thug-chic. Bold Burberry-esque prints, tracky bottoms and of course the hood, all feature heavily in her collection - a homage to the the chavy, tracksuit wearing, Staffordshire bull Terrier owning, hoodie.

Pics courtesy of: Michael Mayren

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Port magazine... The new kid on the shelf. A men's magazine that prides itself on it's IQ... A magazine, less interested in packing its pages with benign advertisements (take note Conde Naste) and where quality overrides quantity. Quality comes in the form of its contributors, from esteemed journalists, such as Jon Snow (I envy not his sheer brilliance with words, but that of his tie collection) and fashion director, David St John-James (whose simplistic, no fuss aesthetics, I have admired since his work with the Dazed group). O and what's more - Daniel Day Lewis as a contributor and on the front cover! POW - The very sound affect made by that chiseled jaw. Lets take a looky look, O and please do excuse my scribbles.

Lusting after the Ally Capellino canvas bag.

Hmmm... Those Prada Brogue's - still not sure.

Prada x Ivy League

Real men - Real clothes (As opposed to...)

Those Lapels.... Enough Said.

Something for Buckets + Spades