Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Green sleeves...

Ehem.... I have a little confession to make, but I ask you to kindly refrain from any finger pointing or disapproving looks as honesty is the best policy right?? Ok here it goes, erm...I...I don't recycle (Shock horror!!)  O the shame I have brought upon  the family name! On a serious note, we are bombarded with too many Do's and Dont's (not from the guys at vice this time, but from the green gestapo) to shame and guilt us into being green. To be fair, I wish I could say I was green, not just because I fear I may be deported to some leper colony for being an avid air miles fiend, but because it is the right thing to do. Thus, Im a changed man from today! Thanks to Christopher Raeburn, a British designer whom is as green as they come. This green chap is partial to salvaging military fabrics and creating the following green certified pieces. Although I wont be giving up on central heating, air travel and meat I am however going to purchase one of the following. Every Little helps...

For the man
Pop out Parka - £795

Anorak - £400

For the ladies
Dual parka - £595

Pop out parka -  £795

Pics courtesy of Chrostopher Raeburn

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Im spoken for...

HA! Who am I kidding! Im very single and Im very much alone (awwww). Scrap that! Well not the single bit but the alone bit - Ill have you know thats there isn't anything better then spending many a night being the third wheel amongst all your mates whom have found love and are sickeningly happy (it doesn't make you feel any less single - I promise!). The icing on the single cake - is of course the look of pity followed by the patronising smile and then those five words "I have a single friend"! Urgh! Me thinks I have issues! HA! Anywho, like many men I want to bask in everything bespoke and tailored. However, the option of popping in to see my old chums at H Huntsman & Sons and have my surname stitched into the lining of my Norfolk jacket ensuring it was "Spoken for", is sadly not an option. I on the other hand can  visit (well not personally, but via Harrods or Blue & Cream) the talent that is Bespoken. Each piece is spoilt with love and attention (in this case craftsmanship and quality) to ensure that it is a cut above the rest (no pun intended).
Pics courtesy of

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Haggis + Saki

Its a lazy sunday afternoon (yup, I'm still in pj's and don't plan on getting changed any time soon - don't judge) and the only thing to tempt me out of my hovel is a super sized portion of sheep's hearts, liver and lungs encased in the little guys stomach (waste not, want not) and the perfect accompaniment to this is a glass of fermented rice of course! mmmmmmm yummy. I think id rather eat my own foot to be fair! Anywho, fusion is a word that is used by many a michelin bore desperately trying to marry two very distinctive cuisines in the hope that the man with many a spare tyre will award them with yet another star. Thus, I predict that we will soon be eating neeps and tatties with our sushi whilst dressed in Hiroshi Awai's take on the traditional Scottish dress. Bon appetite...

Pics courtesy of

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rhythm sticks...

The search was on to find Decorative pieces (accessories for us common folk) for the fashion conscious male. Hours were spent traipsing the world wide web for little morsels of information to lead the way down the yellow brick road to a pot of treasure. I came across many a fools gold and found myself sulking at the measly bits of pieces that I had found. However, all was not lost, I did stumble upon some little gems that made me get a little bit too excited and I shamefully began to stalk the designer in question (note to designer: I promise I'm not a deranged fiend, just a well mannered stalker - trust me there's a difference). I have a feeling the Austrian born Florian Lastaetter might like to delve into the world of sodomy and bondage (I found myself unintentionally singing "Hit me with your rhythm stick") as his pieces open up a world of ominous thoughts. Thus they are not for the wimpy kind (i.e. me).



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Pics courtesy of Oki Ni

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kites on steroids

Kites have provided me with many an hour of fascination and intrigue (small things amuse small minds). However, my kite was never to experience the excitement of flight, you see it was of the cheap kind (I was deprived as a child) and seemed to prefer to be dragged against the grey concrete then be up in the air boasting its fluorescent uniform with pride. Come to think of it, the kite didn't fail me, it was my sheer lack of coordination that failed the kite. Julia Hederus on the other hand is one such lady that has perfected the whole kite flying malarky. The Swede has injected performance enhancing steroids into her flying contraptions to ensure they are the meanest leanest kites around!

Air coat - €380

Anorak - €300

Tether Scarf - €160

Kite shorts - €148

Check this beauty out!
Felt Helmet - €180 

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Pics courtesy of Julia Hederus

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Riding along in my automobile...

"Riding along in my calaboose, still trying to get her belt a-loose, all the way home I held a grudge for the safety belt that wouldn't budge". I agree It's shameful that I know the lyrics to a Chuck berry tune! However, its a classic, so don't judge! Anywho, me thinks the seat belt wasn't the issue, she might have been a tad put off by his distinctly average choice of footwear (its a long-shot, but I have been told its healthy to let ones imagination run wild). Im sure the night might have ended a little bit differently (wink wink) for Chuck and his lady friend if her were wearing the following driving shoes. 

Taste the rainbow
KG by kurt Geiger - Florio

Pics courtesy of Kurt Geiger

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Monday, 22 March 2010

When Pendleton met Opening Ceremony...

Many a brand are turning their attention to breeding with a thoroughbred to ensure that its offspring have the best chance of survival within the fashion wilderness (not quite survival of the fittest! But you get it). The stallion with it's impressive stats known as Opening ceremony has the pulling power to attract the biggest beauties from around the world. Its conquests includes the native american brand whom prides itself on its pure virgin (not anymore! She has acquired a taste for debauchery and sin) wool clothing! The results of its procreation are as follows...

Shorts - $290

 Hoody - $375

Shorts $290

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Pics courtesy of Opening Ceremony 

Friday, 19 March 2010

Daddy will be proud...

Limi Yamamoto has her fathers eyes and his awe-inspiring talent. Its sickening - I on the other hand have no talent worth boasting about! Actually, I take that back, I can make a mean poached egg - the key is to add vinegar to the pan - it works every time! Enough about me and my talents, lets get back to the post! Her forte like her father is the ability to deceive the eye, we are left convinced that the looks before us are simple almost lazy. However, look closely and one will discover a surprise or three. The only grievance I have with you miss Limi, is the lack of male presence in the new line! Tut tut tut...


Pics courtesy of

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Prince Charming...

A wise man once said "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of". That wise man was Adam Ant (He was neither wise nor musically blessed - but it works, you'll see). A common theme presented at the majority of shows during the recent months of the fashion calender has been one of doom and gloom. However, their have been a select few that have showered us with vivid colours and flamboyancy. One such designer known as Lou Dalton wants us all to join her legion of New Romantics and hum the tune of "Stand and deliver". While I am almost certain we wont be singing along to the Adam and the Ant soundtrack I do however, see subscription to Lou Dalton's army of romantics blossoming.

Pics Courtesy of

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The gloomy world of Damir Doma

As explained previously, I shy away from all things menacing (not that Im a complete coward, well come to think of it I might just be) however, Im gradually dipping my toes into the murky waters of fashion and appreciating the darker figures that can be found loitering around the back alleys of the major fashion weeks. One such figure known as Damir Doma is one that has been catching my eyes over the past couple of years and he may just be the one to bring me over into the dark side. Although, to be fair Im easily persuaded... A perfectly formed silhouette and a bag of sweets and Im all yours - yup, Im cheap! 

Zipped boot - £599

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Pics courtesy of Damir Doma

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A shade darker than dark...

I am not normally one to venture over to the dark side - you see, I'm a good Jewish boy - who doesn't like to disappoint his mummy. However, I may just be tempted by the sinister world created by the colossal talent that is J. W. Anderson! His work demands no introduction (Thats not because I cant think of anything to say- ha) as they speak volumes. Have a looky look! 

The boot - £690


The Best trench of the season..

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Pics courtesy of J. W. Anderson

Monday, 15 March 2010

A polyhedron with two congruent and parallel faces....

Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off and placed in bags...At the end of your exam, please remain seated until your script has been collected. You may now begin writing. Question - what is known as a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refracts light? Answer - a prism! Pfff, I knew that, HA!  However, I do know that PRISM is yet another eyewear manufacturer that is making me thank my parents for passing on their inferior genes onto their offspring!
Style - London, Cream Tortoise Shell

Style - Rio, Matt Black
Style - Paris, Clear

Style - London,  Zebra horn

Style - Rome, Clear

Style - New York, Crystal Grey

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Pics courtesy of PRISM