Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Ello.... Apologies are due to the lack of posts of late, my concentration lies not with the frivolous joys I daydream of, but with finding an apartment in my new home to be - London. After many torturous weeks of searching north and south of the river, I and three of my closest buds are soon to call Hendon home. It's no Dalston... Skinny-jeaned hipsters are replaced by the abundance of bagel gaffs (mmm, salt beef kosher goodness). Now that I have a place to call home - I suppose its time to find myself an internship... Yup - I plan on being someone's bitch boy, offering my skinny self for free, for 3 months... eeek!
As you lovelies know, I have been lusting over various man-bags, nothing too fussy, sissy or tactile, something sturdy and masculine to stop my pockets from jangling. I contemplated the "playing it safe" rucksack, though for fear of looking like a lost foreign exchange student, that thought was quickly dampened. So without further a due... I introduce to you, my new man-sized, man-bag - The mulberry clipper, in oak natural leather. It's a Beaut!

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