Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Turkish Delight.

Question: Is there an indulgence more scrumptious and enticing then a cube of sticky, nutty fillo goodness that is baklava, paired with the, rich and permeating scent of a fresh, loose leaf, mint tea? The sweet fiend thinks not but I defy anyone to prove otherwise. Sweet tooth, pfff - Sweet teeth, YES!  My taste buds demand the insipid, packed full of menacing sugars and sweeteners. I, like a ferrel child have become dependent on sugary induced highs and fear the very lows a withdrawal may induce. With sobriety not an option but a must (so says the dentist), I look for ways to overcome this o so sweet vice of mine. Umit Benan may have the answer, in the form of his Kombolói (worry beads). This primitive pass time is proving to be far more captivating then the sodomy seen in the form of Alber and Christopher's accessories (Once again, small things amuse small minds). Beads aside, the Turkish born designer brings substance in the form of his exquisite tailoring and opulent fabrics in a benign choice of colour, all draped on a bunch of average Joe's.... Hooray - Average is soon to be the new black, which means that I, in all my average glory can appear from the dark shadows of beauty and perfection. Yet the imperfect still feels the urge to criticise, Just the one I promise... Its just those Carrot pants on steroids - I cant say I understand the reasoning behind them nor its beauty. Opinions please....

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Friday, 25 June 2010

She loves me... She loves me not!

The curtains have been drawn on a somewhat underwhelming Milan soiree and my telescope (a must have apparatus for the inclined stalker) has been positioned to read 48°50'N, 02°20'E (Paris in Layman terms - Pffff!). Paris like a good old chap stays true to its word,  offering us common folk endless goodies to gawp at. The second day of festivities saw a changed man in Alexis Mabille gone are the very thing I fear the most - The Bow Tie. Well not quite! Its ghostly silhouette makes an appearance 5 too many times (scaaaary!!). The collection albeit effeminate, what with the lengthy sinuous locks (Bitter - as mine recedes to reveal yet another complex) and an overgrowth of daisy chains - the looks did delight in terms of the apparel, anoraks and the choice of textiles not so true in terms of the Lamé y-fronts.. But hey ho thats just my opinion. What do you think, yay or ney? 



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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Burberry just got Sinister

Before I bite into Christopher Bailey's latest ensemble, I feel obliged to bore (Sit tight it will only take a few minutes) with a rant of disappointment (A tad of an exaggeration - but you fellow fashion enthusiasts get me, right?) with regards to the collections that have graced Milan thus far. With thanks to Mr Wrigley, I lingered impatiently with bated minty fresh breath awaiting the pictorial delights to digitally emerge as I ferociously harassed the refresh button whilst deceiving colleagues into an illusion of false productivity (Who says men cant multitask - rubbish!). As each collection began to digitally appear, I was left underwhelmed and demanding an immediate reimbursement for the lost hours spent awaiting their sweet arrival. By no means were the collections bare of any substance BUT (there's always a but) they seemed to be vacant of a drive to move menswear forward. However, their were exceptions, Jil Sander and its skittles of colour and Prada's pick and mix of collars. Enough - Rant done!

Lets get back to the post in hand.... The Burberry boy has been transformed from the regimented, trench wearing brigadier to an anarchist clan, clad in string vest bourgeoisie's, intent on chaos not calm. Gone with the trench (well, Almost) and in its place, leather studded biker jackets and a few more studs thrown in for good measure. Christopher, I like, a lot,! Its refreshing to view a Burberry collection that binned the stiff upper lip and ventured into the dark side - Even if only for 6 months. 

Pics courtesy of GQ

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Honorable Heir... Sarah Burton

The untimely death of the colossal talent that is Lee McQueen (G-D rest his sole) left us cohorts morning the death of a visionary whom granted the people with the purest gift, the gift of imagination. McQueen empowered his voyeurs not just through his revolutionary collections but through his ability to enable us, the masses, to dream of wonders beyond the mundane and our own visual means. With grief comes Acceptance, that Lee is no longer. However, McQueen lives on in the form of his trusted colleague and confidant - Sarah Burton. A graduate of the fashion factory that is Central St Martins, Burton joined the label in 96 and was fast tracked to become McQueen's creative and artistic aide as head of womenswear in 2000. With great power comes great responsibility... Responsibility to ensure that the label stays true to its ethos and McQueen himself. Burton's first outing as creative director comes in the form of a subdued menswear collection that shuns the bag of props and magical imagery were so used to expecting. In its place came a collection that referenced McQueen's body of work from his time as an apprentice on Savile Row to his signature prints and opulent fabrics. Lee and Isabella Blow would be proud.

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Awash with denim deprecation

I, like many of you beauties, squander hours of my play time obsessively stalking digital look-book's, editorial pictorials and other fancy shmancy bits and bats. Inspired - indeed I am, many a daydream of endless delicious goodies are spawn from this true unrequited love of mine. However, I find myself gradually developing a distain (bitterness might be the word I'm looking for) for the unblemished mannequins whom are draped in the very goodies that keep me awake at night. Am I alone in my archaic opinion that a piece of cloth is no more or less desirable on the shoulders of perfection... Lust is born from the textile itself and its craftsmanship not the mundane and benign pre-pubescent frolicking model. Times are changing and our obsession with street style photography proves the very point that we take more interest in what Average joe and Jane are wearing than 6ft jack and Jill.  I, we spy with my little i embrace my imperfections (not so true when it comes to my monobrow) and I revel in all my average traits. One such designer whom agrees is Dana lee, She says NO to the predictable and says YES to the flawed. Her spring summer look book not only features a simple yet inspired collection but a cast of misfits whom don't fit the ideals of Wintour and chums. I applaud Dana Lee for championing the masses.... All in favour say aye!

Pics courtesy of Dana Lee

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All aboard....

The sun has got its hat on, hip-hip-hip-hip hooray... Hmmm, I've pondered for many a minute as to the choice of bonnet are source of light and energy would be modeling on a glorious day like today, a philip Traecy perhaps? WOW - I've got too much time on my hands! Best make the most of it, the umbrellas are at the ready. Its at times like these, that I envy those who bask in deathly UV rays instead of cowering indoors taking shelter from the very predictable downpours that plague are summer months. The very sight of a cumulonimbus cloud should be my que to exit to hotter climates. However, my purse strings are beginning to resemble a chastity belt (donations will be gratefully appreciated). No need to whip out the violins - my skeletal frame is making its way to Copenhagen this September and he with no monies is contemplating new luggage. Not just any old luggage, Im lusting after pieces that have the royal stamp of approval, Nope - thats not all, I dream of bespoke, handmade luggage made with love in our British Isles (Shoo China). Hold up! Lets not forget ash wood frames, cloth linings and a wood trim.. O and my initial's too. Me Needy - never, HA! With great pleasure, I present Hackett's and Globetrotters well to do offspring.
From £490
Initialing - £75
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