Wednesday, 26 May 2010

St Look.....Francesca 26/05/10

Francesca, Journalist

Top - American Apparel
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - Carvela
Nail Varnish - Esse

The Journalist whose features cover less of the political kind and more of the cup size (wink wink) is back! I thought Id treat you beauties to a second installment of all things Francesca. It has nout to do with the fact that she is by far my most popular post... Boo You! Are my... We spy with My little i's tasty morsels not enough to quench your thirsts? I guess not. Enjoy... 

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Urghh... I agree, I look like a demented amputee... All is good - I hear its the new black! 

Shirt - Vintage Ralph Lauren
Tweed Blazer - Thrift
Chinos - Topman
Socks - American Apparel 
Shoes - All Saints
Ring - Fancy Sexy Me
Specs - Oliver Peoples

Monday, 24 May 2010

St Look....24/05/10

Jamie, Student - Geologist

Trench - Vintage Burberry
V-neck- Topman
Bag - Vintage Chanel
Shoes - Next

Jamie a 24 year old student whom is currently studying the physical matter that constitutes the earth and wait for it... is seeking a man with no limbs "Try and run from me". HA, any takers? In other exciting news, I was recently interviewed by the beauties at Qype, have a looky look.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

How much Mr Mugrabi...

Art as we know is subjective, what hypnotizes and captivates my uneducated and dare I say it ignorant mind, fails to enthrall the next Jo Blogs. I, like the masses appreciate all mediums of art and yet I have developed a distain for art of the collectable kind. Question: is the price tag of a Warhol just? I agree that his work was integral to the pop art movement that not only changed the way in which art was produced but the way in which art itself trickled down to us, the public. Whether in terms of graphic design, packaging, film etc. However, is a screen print emblazoned with a celebrities mug made not by the artist himself but by his army of "Yes Sir, No Sir" assistants worthy of more 0's than a Picaso? My point being, an artists popularity and more importantly its price tag seems not to be determined by the artists and the art itself but by those who wish to inflate its value for personal reasons. Exhibit A - The Mugrabi family hoard all things Warhol, koons and Hirst whether or not the pieces themselves are viewed as an artists junk. The reasoning behind the Mugrabi OCD is to ensure that the artists work sustains its monetary value and in turn maintains its rarity thus the price tag and the popularity of the Mugrabi's pop art goodies are yet to fall in value even in the midsts of a global economic crisis. Thus, I turn my eyes to art for the people by the people... the very art that doesn't charge by the hour but is free for all us simple folk to enjoy. Street art is in abundance in the magical wonderland that is Berlin, permitting all to stop, stare and discuss. Lets do just that...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All fur and no Ermine...

Being a self confessed geek I adhere to the following, specs - cheek, total inabitly to colour coordinate - check, dyspraxic - check and the occasional dribble - check (embarrassing YES but honesty is the best policy!). Anywho, I find myself being absorbed by all things Victorian, nope not of the cake kind but that moment in time when capital punishment was the new black and kiddies were using their nimble fingers to drive Britain into prosperity.  With the common wealth expanding to all four corners of the Earth, Victorian England loved nothing more than playing dress up with textiles from the mysterious lands of afar. One such textile that excited the stiff upper lip was of the furry kind, not just any old fur but that of the Ermine (the distinctive white fur with its black polka dots). The reason for me boring you with the above nonsense is for the first time I witness albeit digitally a collection whom successfully incorporate fur of all kinds without its models being left emasculated and draped with estrogen around its torso and yet their is no sign of Ermine. With slight disappointment I introduce Baartmans and Siegel a design duo whose menswear collection consist of striking fabrics and intriguing cuts.

Monday, 17 May 2010

A new eye to spy

The fashion factory that is Central Saint Martins churns out the very best in full fat delicious talent (none of that semi-skimmed drivel). One such talent, high in sartorial calories minus the E-numbers and the hydrogenated fats is Felipe Rojas Llanos. Upon graduation, the Swede found himself breaking bread (Gravlax in this case) with Alber Elbaz as he underwent the prestigious internship at the Lanvin Menswear studio, Paris. If like me, you are sick to your stomach with envy (or it could just be the layer of grease lining my stomach after I devoured a whole jumbo fish and chips with mushy peas... so so good!) refrain from reading on. The talented so and so's graduate collection graced the marble arches of the V & A for a live installation and finally, if that wasn't enough... Mr Armani reached into his never ending pockets and granted the graduate a bursary to commend his genius. Exuse me... I think its time I go and wallow in all my ordinary attributes, while you browse Felipe's collection entitled "Little prince goes to the opera".

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Colour me a shade of individuality

Magazines.... and what? in recent years I have stood awkward and proud and said No! To the purchase of frivolous publications, especially of the conde Naste (Sorry Wintour, I don't get it) kind. Yes, I admit that the photographic pictorials are of slight interest and inspiration but what more... 173 of the 200 (slight exaggeration) are dedicated to the irrelevant and predictable advertisements (shoo Clooney with your Nespresso machine, Im a tea man!). However, In recent months I have decided to bin my pessimism and trail through the bad and the ugly in the hope that I find a few gems along the way. My gems include COLORS (colours for us Brits and those choosing to follow the true form of the English language). Advertisements are few and far between and the juicy bits I hear you ask... for one, creativity is not confined to the office but to us, joe public. Images, sketches and daydreams... ready set upload to their democratic creative world and become part of the revolution. The excitement doesn't end their my friends... Reading is not completing. Note the holographic symbols below, point towards your webcam and enjoy extra digital tidbits (clever.. or simply - small things amuse small minds).


Stanley Foster
 Melbourne, Australia
"Sharp suit, suspenders, the slim tie... I guess I'm a little influenced by Quentin Tarentino films"
Wagner Ribeiro Santulhao
Sao Paulo, Brazil
"One of my friends told his family when he was 16 and the next next morning all his stuff was packed and waiting at the door... Not every furry wear a suit, only the Fursuiters... at least now my friend gets to sleep in his suit whenever he wants"

Basile Ghosn
Beirut, Lebanon
"Jean Genet's Notre Dame Des Fleurs is a book I would save from a burning fire"
Pani Akhavan
Tehran, Iran
"The boys reach out from the car windows and throw little notes with their phone numbers.. I only take them if the guy is driving a nice car! I hate to be alone"
Andrea Nardin
Catenta di Villorba, Italy
"I've been different ever since I was born..I transformed a room just outside the barn into a space for myself where I keep my guitar, DJ set and computor... Sometimes friends come over, but mostly im alone."
Pepa Medina Blackman
Valencia, Spain
"One day I found a girl from Alicante... two from Barcelona... Including 20 of us here in Valencia. We organise all sorts of activities, such as tea sessions and picnics by the river."
Nahuel Emiliano Gimenez Rios
Buenos Aires, Argentino
"The more you get in less times, the better. The other day I posted my photo and in 12 minutes I got 470 comments. I became a flogger..."
Tumelo Nthekenyane
Soweto, South Africa
"When I was a kid, I used to wear my father's clothes. but he was killed when I was 13... I want to be different and my girlfriend likes it when I wear a skirt."

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