Sunday, 28 March 2010

Haggis + Saki

Its a lazy sunday afternoon (yup, I'm still in pj's and don't plan on getting changed any time soon - don't judge) and the only thing to tempt me out of my hovel is a super sized portion of sheep's hearts, liver and lungs encased in the little guys stomach (waste not, want not) and the perfect accompaniment to this is a glass of fermented rice of course! mmmmmmm yummy. I think id rather eat my own foot to be fair! Anywho, fusion is a word that is used by many a michelin bore desperately trying to marry two very distinctive cuisines in the hope that the man with many a spare tyre will award them with yet another star. Thus, I predict that we will soon be eating neeps and tatties with our sushi whilst dressed in Hiroshi Awai's take on the traditional Scottish dress. Bon appetite...

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myrrh goldframe said...

gorgeous outfit! he's awesome!