Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Impatience is a virtue of mine, a virtue that has my toes tapping and my fingers twitching for constant sartorial gratification. Yet sartorial gratification comes all but twice a year.... Tis Torture for a self proclaimed clock watcher like myself! With the winter show season nearing its end, I am yet to feel content, my thirst not quenched nor my hunger satisfied. With Milan (Bring those boys home, Bailey!), Paris and New York all parading suited armies of 6ft1 loyalists, trooping their new vivid colours in perfect unison. My hope for gratification lye's with London - THE fashion week in which originality and innovation is the victor (Me biased?? noooo - don't be silly!). 
With that said, my beady eyes have caught the attention of Christophe Lemaire, the newly appointed creative director of Hermes. The minimalist collection lost amongst the noise of the Mugler hype, sought not to conform to the "Word" of the consultants and delivered a collection of volumes and o so beautiful outerwear. I salute you, Monsieur Lemaire. 

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Mat said...

i really like the last two outfits the most. the second last reminds me of alfred hitchcocks "the wrong man" for some reason (it was on in the day time the other day) and the final jacket it beast