Friday, 25 February 2011


BAH! HUMBUG! Were the defeatist words I croaked in a morning haze. Caffeine and nicotine, simultaneously slurped and inhaled, are my pick-me-ups on a dank Thursday morning. A morning when fashion has come and gone and creative stimulation comes in the form of which of my assorted Tupperware containers, should have the dutiful honour of housing a rather limp looking salad. A sprightly kick of energy, induced by my morning rituals, dampens my pessimism, as our next fashion installment is just a hop, skip and a jump away - Hooray! 
A season hijacked by Suiting and the foe I fear the most... The boot - whether military, desert, docs or hiking. I find comfort in a suit free James Long's collection, which featured fuzzy mohair knits, cozy structured outerwear and polka dots - my favourite kind of dot. As for the boots - we will just ignore those (Shoo - be gone with you!). 

Pics courtesy of: catwalking


Mat said...

what shoes would you go for do you think? liked the polkas

Anonymous said...



DafnaDiamant said...

I would die for this knit pullover....and I would look as handsome as this fellow.