Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ahh... "MAN" day, THE day, a day in which we men can call our very own, during a swollen calender, dripping with billowing chiffon, the silkiest of silks and luminous prints. This day, is a day in which we celebrate the new and emerging talent, typically ignored on fashions four stop tour, where an old world of established traditionalists weave a PR web (of freebies) too potent for the Conde-Naste elite & Co to resist.
Forget freebies, tis the season to be furry... Well, according to Gordon Richardson. Topman Design, the first of the shows at the dedicated MAN day at London Fashion Week, was a collection of fur coats and no nickers... Literally and figuratively. Nickers neatly tucked to one side, Fur and fox stoles draped on fresh faces were all too much of a distraction from the collection at hand. Topman + fur!?!?! Nah... Still confused. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the furriest things in life (maybe a tad less then Bryanboy), though not, fur for fur sake. A collection that prides itself on affordable price points, will see those furry critters breath a sigh of relief, as they are likely to be replaced by faux, synthetic fakery. Fur aside, the collection tantalises the thrifty shopper with 50's suiting, an exciting variation of lapels and collars, box shaped outerwear and a plethora (my new BIG word) of herringbone.  

Pics courtesy of: GQ

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Mat said...

i wasn't that keen, i did however like the loose suits