Thursday, 10 February 2011


Please do touch.... The very words that make me quiver with sensory excitement. Tactile I am.... Like a feral child cautioned, "Not to touch", curiosity seems too much of an urge for my mitts to do the exact opposite. Touch I must, within reason of course (I assure you its all clean fun!), Yet we touch obsessed are met by ever increasing killjoys in the form of fort knox like protective packaging, all designed to keep the OCD obsessive’s out. I ask, what's the harm in looking and touching? My hands are unsoiled – I swear! Anywho, before this post attracts the wrong kind of reader, lets bring it back to fashion. 
Rodarte... The American sweethearts of fashion and the advocates of textural delights, had me yelping (more screech then yelp, think over excitable, teenage girl) with rapture, when I heard word that these lovelies were set to join forces with the kings of collaborations, Opening Ceremony, in which us men now have a slither of their tactile world of delicious textures and sumptuous fabrics...  
Drop Stich Cable Cardigan
Dark Nude/Olive

Cable Cardigan
Dusty Blue

Cable Cardigan

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Pics courtesy: Opening Ceremony  

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