Saturday, 19 February 2011


As you, my faithful + insightful devotees of this very wunder-blog (please feel free to agree), may already be aware, that I the spy, have been laden with a fair few genetic flaws... Nothing too serious my friends, although Darwin may beg to differ. The absolute inability to decipher the difference between my grammatical nemesis, the homonyms... their/there, to/too - boo you! An obsessive, unhealthy and somewhat "Crazy cat lady" like need, to substitute a mate with cats - socks in this case are my feline friends... sumptuous stripes, cosy cables, moorish merinos and everything in-between. A hairline that is unforgiving and eats into my ego like acid and last but not in the slightest bit least, my degenerative eyesight. The latter for most folk, is an additional moan to an ever increasing list of groans, I however, rejoice, as for every additional squint and strain calls for a new pair of specs.
With that said, I look to my brand bible of the all seeing kind for a new pair of spectacles. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, I pick you Lunettes Kollektion. The Berlin based eyewear fanatics, take inspiration from Berlin's golden age, when Dietrich reigned supreme and the charleston and hyperinflation were Germany's sweet and sour imports. Forget that these beauties are individually crafted by artisans from Germany, Italy and Austria, with names like Artsy-Fartsy (LOVE!), Zeitgeist and Doppelganger... I'm sold.

Shop Online: Lunettes Kollektion
Pics courtesy: Lunettes Kollektion

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