Monday, 7 February 2011


In recent years I turned my bulbous, sephardic nose the other way, when it came to all things Americana... A look of conceited distain as I tried to decipher the obsession for the fedora, vests and super-sized (minus the fries) bow-ties. My vision, blind-sighted by these anomalies, failed to see past the imperfections of the contrived and commericialised nonsense. However, With my blinders and discoloured chinos put to rest, I was able to put my ignorance aside and begin my journey into the world of true Americana. My journey left me wide eyed and wanting to chant "The star-spangled banner", Though I soon was made aware, that the exact lyrics had eluded my monotone tones and stretching to those distinct vocal gymnastic frufruness, perfected by Aguilera & Co seemed like far too much effort. 

My conversion lies not with the 80's backwards peak but instead with 1950's Ivy league and American workwear.... Ahhh the deep indigo of a Levi's 501XX and THE penny loafer. The Bass penny loafer to be exact! The very penny loafer of choice for a 1950's Ivy Leaguer. 

Layton - Burgundy
My shoe of choice 

Goodwick - Burgundy
The Original

Grayson - Burgundy

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KC said...

oh the first one is really good. i can see it ageing very well.