Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Super Berlinische

You lovely folk are probably aware of my weird and wonderful fetishes by now... Feet-meh, Architecture-YES! As a 13 year old acne ridden boy with questionable taste, my Virgin eyes were to meet the saviour (in my humble slightly biased opinion) of 19th century architecture. His masterpieces like no other were adorned with oblique like columns and undulating interiors affording him a cult of admirers including a little chap whom associated architecture with bleak concrete slabs not mosaic exteriors and filigrees of iron. My Deity - Gaudi, His work = hours of gratification! As you intellectually blessed lovelies have probably gathered, this post isn't a homage to Gaudi nor to Barcelona but to Berlin and its baroque/bauhaus beauties (Fear not, my Berlin posts shall come to an end shortly, I am however, in ore of its.... everything! HA).


Clara said...

These images are BEAUTIFUL!

Mat said...

agreed with about, some excellent details here.

top 3 in no order

we have very similar taste. ohh book, yeah this could work. i'll see what i have soon

snoblak said...

You take great shots of buildings. Is that something you are going into: architeture?

chukwubuikem said...

berlin is absolutely beautiful. i went last summer and i miss it incredibly. it's mixes traditional and modern architecture without creating to much of a contrast! architecture is truly amazing!


360°North said...

I love this post!

MarcoBerlin said...

all taken by you?
reeeeally great photography.
which camera do you use? Berlin is GREAT :)