Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shades of Berlin

Over the years I have developed many an unhealthy obsession for the weird and wonderful. My recent trip to Berlin not only quenched my thirst for thought provoking architecture but I can now add public light fixtures to my list of peculiar fetishes (Fear not - leather, whips and all things unchaste are not a few of my favourite things- HA). I found myself being mesmerised by their structural beauty and their use as a decorative street item as well as their obvious purpose of providing guidance to a lone traveller in the dark and menacing streets of a city bursting with history and culture.  


Gianluca Senese said...

lovely pics..!


Thanks matey!

Be sure to come back!

Clare said...

I want to go to Berlin... Lovely photos.

Hope you get a penpal!

tweet tweet tweet


Mat said...

i love this, i feel you and me would get on if you like geeky stuff like this.

maybe you should do a northern version? and see the differences

Clara said...

This is a really inspring post!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Nice, love the shapes!
And Berlin is such a cool city don't you think