Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All fur and no Ermine...

Being a self confessed geek I adhere to the following, specs - cheek, total inabitly to colour coordinate - check, dyspraxic - check and the occasional dribble - check (embarrassing YES but honesty is the best policy!). Anywho, I find myself being absorbed by all things Victorian, nope not of the cake kind but that moment in time when capital punishment was the new black and kiddies were using their nimble fingers to drive Britain into prosperity.  With the common wealth expanding to all four corners of the Earth, Victorian England loved nothing more than playing dress up with textiles from the mysterious lands of afar. One such textile that excited the stiff upper lip was of the furry kind, not just any old fur but that of the Ermine (the distinctive white fur with its black polka dots). The reason for me boring you with the above nonsense is for the first time I witness albeit digitally a collection whom successfully incorporate fur of all kinds without its models being left emasculated and draped with estrogen around its torso and yet their is no sign of Ermine. With slight disappointment I introduce Baartmans and Siegel a design duo whose menswear collection consist of striking fabrics and intriguing cuts.


Juanduh. said...

nice blog.
i love it.

Anonymous said...

i really like the 4th look. the collection seems like a great use of different textures that put elegant (blazer) and uber-casual (sweatpants) in the same outfit. those fur stuff (sorry, don't know what it's called) really intrigue me. great post!

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Raez said...

yes please! love this post. never see enough men's fashion!

xx raez

AlejandrA said...

i love the pics!!

Prutha said...

loveeeeeeeeee the fur under the color detail!!


follow if u like what u see?


goodbyestockholm said...

Adore that fur collar beneath the regular one. Thanx for sharing this.