Tuesday, 4 May 2010

In the closet....

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates, It is lame, I know! However, I do have a valid excuse and it doesn't involve my imaginary dog eating my digital updates (Talking of lame excuses, I once used the excuse that the cleaner had misplaced my homework. I at the time thought it was genius and still to this day Im adamant that its believable but Mr Caplan believed otherwise, to be fair to Sir, I didn't have the cleanest record for handing in my long division on time). The excuse? trust its a gudden, I have been delving and bathing (sploshing - No!) in all things Germanic. I say, New york run along with your brashness and your average offerings because Berlin is my new shiny toy with far too many upgrades for the granny smith to compete. Pictorials of the city shall follow, But I feel pressured to share with you lovely folk the very clothes which i wear on my scrawny child like back. For the fear of not offending your eyes I decided to display the clothing that I wore on my travels in a novel way - inspired by a piece of sculpture I came across in a gallery in the Mitte district of Berlin. Guten Appetite...

Shirt: 80's Vintage Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt 

Grandpapa's Gold Chain

Chino's: Topman
Socks: American Apparel
Fish Eye Camera

Shoes: All Saints

Shirt: 70's Vintage Pendleton
Chain: As before

Chinos: Topman Ltd

Shoes: Toms (support the cause)
Briefcase: Vintage

Trench: Custom made.
Belt: Topman

Raise your hands if you too think I need to invest in an iron.... HA


Gianluca Senese said...


Ganymede Girl said...

Hahah your homework excuse is more believable than mine. When I was in (I think) 5th grade I told my teacher my rabbit ate my homework. She asked me to bring in the evidence as proof and to also redo it for the next day so I spent the entire evening making two identical assignments and then trying to get my rabbit to destroy one of them!

I love the orange collar of your trench, very nice!

Mat said...

no one needs irons, pointless and think of how much time you can waste doing them all. could pack it a lot more fun.

you have been busy, wouldn't mind nabbing that denim shirt from you, go on, be nice.

rachaelkrystina said...

LIking your blog.... and I'm a sucker for TOMS