Monday, 17 May 2010

A new eye to spy

The fashion factory that is Central Saint Martins churns out the very best in full fat delicious talent (none of that semi-skimmed drivel). One such talent, high in sartorial calories minus the E-numbers and the hydrogenated fats is Felipe Rojas Llanos. Upon graduation, the Swede found himself breaking bread (Gravlax in this case) with Alber Elbaz as he underwent the prestigious internship at the Lanvin Menswear studio, Paris. If like me, you are sick to your stomach with envy (or it could just be the layer of grease lining my stomach after I devoured a whole jumbo fish and chips with mushy peas... so so good!) refrain from reading on. The talented so and so's graduate collection graced the marble arches of the V & A for a live installation and finally, if that wasn't enough... Mr Armani reached into his never ending pockets and granted the graduate a bursary to commend his genius. Exuse me... I think its time I go and wallow in all my ordinary attributes, while you browse Felipe's collection entitled "Little prince goes to the opera".

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Mat said...

imagine getting an internship at lanvin, wowzers. maybe he would trade lives with me.

hmmm yeah swapsies. do you want to email me your address and vice versa,

pretty exciting to see this book

goodbyestockholm said...

I was looking for a word to describe this, but then I saw the name of the collection and figured I could not do any better. This is priceless!

Clara said...

amazing pics!
lovely blog!

Clara said...

amazing pics!
lovely blog!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

little prince goes to the opera.. that is way too cuuute. hehehe looks like school boy dresses up! x

chukwubuikem said...

amazing collection! i love the socks!

spin said...

nice socks ;)

KC said...

i love the collection. especially the first outfit with the hooded jacket. this is great.


I just love it, these outfits just inspire my!
I'd love to wear them, I feel identificated to them!!!
love your blog!
I wish I was one on you St Look!!!