Thursday, 24 March 2011


The hoodie... the uniform of choice for a generation of disgruntled youths. A uniform that has the unassuming passersby, quicken their steps and cross the road, with heads bowed and fists clenched - as these menacing, cloaked figures approach. Like a scarlet letter, this unnatural mix of cotton + polyester, tars the hooded unknown with that which is demonic and unchaste. I confess, I am one to stereotype, uneasy I am around such caped, Reaper-esque shadows. I choose to seek cover amongst that which is familiar, or a seat close to the front of the night bus always helps in easing my suspicions (pussy!).
Though, Courtney McWilliams, the fresh face at Givenchy, is one such menswear designer that does not share such reservations. Instead she embraces in all that is thug-chic. Bold Burberry-esque prints, tracky bottoms and of course the hood, all feature heavily in her collection - a homage to the the chavy, tracksuit wearing, Staffordshire bull Terrier owning, hoodie.

Pics courtesy of: Michael Mayren