Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Ahhh - Peacocking... The pick-up-artists law of attraction, adopted by 30 something - 5ft nothing PUA's. Whose mating calls, comes not in the form of the sweet sounds of good ole fashioned charm and whit, but that of its eccentric, uniform of choice. "Picture me", is fashions desperate plea for attention, a call for attention by those desperately seeking the adulation of the street-style twitcher. Gone are the days when a simple rustle + flutter, of a cleverly placed feather had those Cannon's snap, snap, snapping and so the effortless is now void. Replaced by a hybrid plumage of excessive colour, disproportionate layers and schizophrenic textures. All to keep the voyeurs content
With my feathers looking a tad worn and muted in comparison, I seek a dash of colour from the Danish lovelies at Mismo, whom appreciate the simplistic and shy away from the overdone.  
Mismo Backpack - Curry/Brown

Pics courtesy of: Mismo
Shop online: Mismo


Mat said...

oh my goodness, pretty immense

The Man from Amsterdam said...

That is a great bag.