Monday, 14 March 2011


"Single"... The check-box I tick and the solitary ticket I purchase. I seek no pitiful "Awww",  in my life of one. No sympathetic string cortet, to serenade my request for a table for one, as I revel in all my single glory... Sharing I need not, in my life of me, myself and I. Though, selfish I am not, nonetheless - Sharing is not caring, when it comes to sweet (never salty) popcorn.
I like Colin Firth (minus the torturous self loathing and the most perfect of side partings) in the cinematic bliss of "A single man" - seek comfort in a crisp + starched, bone white shirt and a pair of Tom Ford tortoise, speckled specs. These very spec-tacular (uch - please do excuse the pun) are soon to be mine - ALL mine.
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