Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tsar Philip.

The paternal Tsar of fast fashion Sir Philip and his privy council have stood and delivered yet another LTD collection to keep us the faithful disciples, the sartorial hungry hoi polloi and the demanders of aesthetic brilliance from revolt + protest against the hand that feeds us affordable goodness. The new equestrian livery comes in the form of tweeds, quilted textiles and just a measly helping of elbow patch's (Sir Philip you tease). I daren't have any favourites, for the fear I may upset the big man, but hey ho you cant please everyone. The horse print tie is a beaut and as for the quilted sweatshirt with cord elbow patch detail - well lets just say I quivered with excitement (I'm simple). BUT, there's always a but. I cant say I'm too keen on the detailing of the chinos Philip, nor the quilted Barbour-like outerwear (Eh, So Autumn/Winter 09/10... Yikes). Lets have a little gander....
Navy Quilted Sweatshirt + Cord Patch Detail - £36
Horse Print Slim Tie - £10
Black Silk Neckerchief - £10
Stone Contrast Cord Trim Shirt - £36
Stone cord Chino - £40
Grey Wool Mix Quilted Jacket - £80
Burgundy Leather Boots - £85

Shop online at Topman LTD

Pics Courtesy of Topman


Luci Ana said...

GORGEOUS, I love it!

Kate Rose said...

your blog has quite splendid array of style selections

the quilting on the first sweater is a really interesting texture

Carissa said...

nice pattern tie <3

La Petit Poucet

Anonymous said...

Just throught I'd let you know that I'm totally in love with your blog :D
xo, Spencer

Serena said...

I love your blog!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

KC said...

horses have a special role in fashion.. have you ever seen any animal so beautifully and classically portrayed? haha.. i'm over patronizing the horse. but yeah, that tie is so beautiful.

Lady Moriarty said...

If I was a boy this would be my "garde robe" ! especially this scarf !

See U !

Camilla said...

I use a nikon d3000 :)

lovely blog x


Lulu said...

oooh i really like all these clothing items! especially that first quilted shirt. i've never seen anything like it! it's wonderful =]

jamie-lee said...

I love all the details - I've never really bothered to look at Topman before, but I know now if I'm ever buying anyone menswear x

Raez said...

great line up, those shoes are really awesome:)

xx raez

Technolustmaxx said...

This is a really good post. 'Paternal Tsar of fast fashion' particularly cracks me up.

I like this look, too.


Mat said...

pretty decent collection this time around, first look i was abit meh but second was better time around. love the jumper and the horsey stuff. i like the chinos apart from the inside legs, like the button detail and colour.

plus ive been banging on about hiking boots for ages, they are always just so expensive, so on oki ni are like £1350!

weekend was good, went to a party(for old people), great food and real nice people too. how about you, how's the furniture? Re on facebook if you like

The Jilted Lovers said...

I love it all. especially that tie, it's too cute.

Niky Casadei said...

Love the tie ♥