Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Be British Buy British

Patriotism - Is a funny old thing. While I may wince at the very sound of "G-D save the Queen" and cringe at the sight of bunting, I do take pride in all things quintessentially British.... A luke warm (I have a delicate pallet) mug of good ole tea, a toasted crumpet partnered with the questionable acid yellow and sheen of a dairylea slice - hydrogenated fats + E-numbers, delicious. Stereotypes aside and without alienating our flag bearing, star and stripe wearing nationalistic cousins from across the pond (what would Fidel and Stalin think). Blighty and its fair craftsmen and women are leaders in fabric innovation, garment technology and the bespoke (forget the fancy thrills of haute couture - think Savile Row). Thus, the question is, why do British talent line up two by two to manufacture their goodies in far away lands? Simples... Monies. In Top Trump terms Cheap labour seems to have a higher numerical value than that of craftsmanship. Yes, I embrace the cheap and cheerful, however, delight comes in the form of quality and not the disposable. My journey to find a true British label in every sense of the word, that turns it's back on the lure of a Chinese promise of least cost in favour of love and care brings me to Chris Gove and Luke Stenzhorn of Percival. The London based duo, frustrated with their choice between the ill-fitting and the average, bore a debut collection that took advantage of the best that Britain has to offer - beeswax cotton from Scotland, Harris tweed from the Outer Hebrides and heavy weight Melton from Yorkshire all manufactured in London. i WE SPY, says with pride - G-D save Percival.
Scottish Beeswax Cotton Mac / Mustard Yellow & Pinstripe
Cant wait to get my mitts on this bad boy.

Harris Tweed Blazer

Angora + Cashmere Slim Trousers

Blood Red Melange Short Placket Shirt

Melange Charcoal Cream Stitch Shirt

Scottish Beeswax Cotton Mac /  Dark Blue & Polka Dot Lining

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Pics courtesy of Percival


Mat said...

there's been a lot of hype around their collection launching but rightly so, it looks perfect. the linings and finished are second to none. i just know it's going to be way out my price budget but worth saving for.

can we share the yellow bad boy?

jemina said...

The mac in the first picture is my favourite, Love the mustard colour :)), xoxo

KC said...

true, quality is never exchangeable for volume. but i have nothing against cheap labor. if they can produce good products with lower costs, why not? but quality must always come first. and i'd like to have those black pants please.

Laura Tenshi said...

That was a great introduction for this brand. I can understand your point of view, must be frustrating to not be able to find clothes that are top quality, although they state otherwise and charge you like they are. Well, at least your search is over and hopefully they will continue to deliver only top quality products.

Luci Ana said...

Amazing things, so beautiful jackets!

Fashion Butter said...

I love this post. I also try to do the same thing here in Greece, which is becoming more and more of a challenge everyday!


Ashley said...

Looks great!!!

ergyerg said...

The yellow and blue macs are brilliant :) i will be jealous if you get one, hehe!

Paddy Razzi said...

You can tell all of these are good quality and are built to last a while. I even like the yellow, although if I were to go down that route I would certainly look like a banana. I like the blue too though... you know what you have actually made me desperately want a mac.

Thanks. I'm skint.


Paddy Razzi said...

Bt the way, really wanted to follow your blog but couldn't find how to do it - im a spaz.

So ive added you to my blogroll, hope thats alright? Just checkin out jonathan owen black tht you reccomended, I like very much! :)

Syed (dapper kid) said...

I've tried on that yellow mac, it was absolutely gorgeous. I like the idea of traditionally British inspired clothing. I suppose it builds upon those vague notions we all have of Britishness, that we may not actively participate in, but underlies how we like to perceive ourselves as a clothed society.

Alexo said...

the jackets are really nice!