Friday, 23 July 2010

Fleet Street-Esque

With the tip of my index finger, an adjustment is made to the bridge of my spectacles, which leads my simplistic mind on a journey of make believe in which I play a Fleet street Journalist with ink stained fingers and tortoise shell specs to hand   indulging in liquid lunches with Paul Callan and chums. All is bliss in my "Anything goes" daydream utopia, that is until the spectacles are laid to rest and reality proves to be far from fantasy. There's no harm in dreaming right? For those who are kind enough to take an interest in my questionable tastes and daydreams, you will remember that I purchased a new pair of spectacles a month or so ago. My child like excitement  was met with bitter grief when the beauties at SEEN gently broke the news that Oliver Peoples had discontinued the very choice of acetate I had so longed for. Anywho, After many a desperate email sent to the lovelies at Oliver Peoples, pleading them to take pity on my despair. The search for the illusive Dark Tortoise Black frames proved unsuccessful and so I settled for the equally dreamy El Mirage Tortoise. What do we think?

Oliver People's - Riley - El Mirage Tortoise

Oliver People's - Wylie  

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To prove my desperation- Promise you wont laugh....

"Hello, Hope all is well!

I recently made my third, yes third purchase of Oliver Peoples Specs. However, to my great dismay (I was almost in tears – HA!) the great team at SEEN – Manchester, England – Informed me that the specs I had chosen were no longer available. I was hoping that maybe you – the talented and o so great people at Oliver Peoples could do some investigating and help put the twinkle back in my eyes and track down a pair of Riley’s (the smaller size) in Dark Tortoise Black.

I would be ever so grateful – as without this third pair of Oliver Peoples Specs, Im afraid I might just contemplate that very option that we proud short sighted individuals never say - Lasik!!

P.S. love the Brand!!!!"    



Luci Ana said...

Great, love it!

Mat said...

you have made some really wise choices here sir, they really suit you, when i've seen you in them. i have some ray ban glasses a similar colour but more square, slight more buddy holly than 20s stock broker! you just need a pink shirt and wide braces, you will be set.

ast least you got them in the end eh, never give up!

KC said...

i've never tried thin frames before. these ones look good. nice try on the email there. too bad they can't do anything about it.

beba said...

Hey hey! Thanks for your lovely comment! I was thinking about your page, but somehow I always forget to check it. I will add you in my google reader, so I won't forget anymore (:

About the graffiti, that man is Ivan Cankar, the greatest Slovenian writer (:

Peace and love!


johanna said...

WOW love them

SunDivKari said...

I think they are gorgeous! I'm sorry we couldn't track down the DTBK you longed for... but these are an excellent alternative choice! EMT is very vintage! xo

Anonymous said...

love these glasses

this free bird said...

I actually think your note is brilliant. Interestingly, I'm an Executive Recruiter and Oliver Peoples is a client of a friend...wish I could wheel those spec for you. Not to bending now, are they?

I would have to say they make an amazing pair of glasses though...the ones you did land are no exception.

Thanks so much for your kind words.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

They're a great alternative pair!! I love the email you wrote to them because I've written similar emails to companies when I couldn't find the size I'm looking for :-P xoxoxoxoxo

jemina said...

Love all the specs, and I hope they reply your email !!! wishing you a fabulous weekend :)) xoxo

Fashion Evolves said...

Thks for your comment
Nice glasses , very vintage ! :)

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

Nice glasses. I would love to have one :)


rebecca said...

I like both of the glasses, so I wouldn't really be unhappy with either. I wear glasses too (really need to get some contacts...) so I know how important it is to find a pair you love (:

Raez said...

ooh! i love those glasses, they are perfectly nerdy chic:)

and thanks for bringing that up. unfortunately, I can't do anything about how slow my pictures load or if they do at all. they are really big and it kind of depends on your internet server, i imagine!

have a good weekend!


Tamara said...

Classical and timelessly cool!

The Jilted Lovers said...

ohh those specs are lovely <3

Marinka said...

Those glasses are nice..I am sure they give you an original look..
thanks for having stopped by my blog, and to answer your question I am using a Nikon D60 and an old Praktica. I don't find your picture average, the setting is nice, and I found it good to see a potential in random things of your everyday life.