Monday, 5 July 2010

i see you.

I, WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i, is easily excitable by the simple things in life - a bag of penny sweets and I might just be persuaded to get into a strangers car - mehh, what's the worst that could happen. Sweets + strangers aside, my recent sluggish (damn you internet provider and your false promises) journey into the world wide web, saw me stumble upon the tastiest of spectacle brands known as GRAZ. It was lust at first sight as I peered at the optical brilliance shaped by the veteran Graz Mulcahy. Having developed and designed for brands such as AM and Ksubi eyewear, this optical messiah grimaces at the very thought of mass consumption. With no yellow brick road to guide the way to such a rare splendor, I along with his band of merry worshipers have but a few clues to lead us to one of only ten stockists worldwide. I guess the search is on.
Nick - $265
Gloss Yellow / Grey Gradient Lens

Bennett - $265
Blood Red / Grey Gradient Lens

Obstacle - $305
Charcoal / Grey Gradient Lens

Bula - $265
Gloss Black / Grey Gradient Lens

Pics courtesy of Graz Mulcahy


alba (to chic or not to chic) said...

OH, fantastic!

Fashion wild said...

Thank you for your very funny and lovely comment. I will tell you my camera's name because now I'm in my bed and mother is thinking I'm sleeping :D See you tommorow :) Good night

KC said...

i don't know if those round frames will look good on my face but i am very intrigued by them every time i see them on models and lookbooks. those yellow ones there remind me of the the riddler from batman. it's pretty cool actually when you can live your fictional fantasies in your clothing. sorry, the child in me is trying to come out.

Luci Ana said...


Anonymous said...

man i have seen bits and pices of the graz stuff. all of it is amazing.
im going to hunt them down

wobblinbetty said...

such a simple yet super stylish design! I love especially the last pair!

wobblinbetty said...

such a simple yet super stylish design! I love especially the shape of last ones.

Luna : said...

i love the first ones! killer!

ergyerg said...

I really like the first and last ones :0
Great finds!

RACHEL said...

they're so cute!

they look like 3D GLASSES. no no, dont get me wrong ... the CHIC ONES !


Rose said...

i love the different shapes put forth here... great post as always

Anonymous said...

I want all of them!!!
thanks for your stopping by & your comment :)


i love these glasses and the ones on your latest post! come follow me xoxo

this free bird said...

These are simply fantastic!!