Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Learning curves... Correction - mistakes! Many I have made in my younger years, all of which had been self inflicted tears to a "Best in show" ribbon, I pinned strategically to a make-believe best dressed ego, that was cultivated and pruned to convince myself that a kaleidoscope of colours and prints, draped over my awkward frame was a-ok... how wrong I was! A uniform of  Zebra print - high tops (shiverrrrr), stabilo yellow CK T's and the nothingness of 90's (the era that fashion forgot) diluted - stone wash, straight cut denim. Are just a few of my "Dont's" that would take pride of place on the Vice wall of lame.

For fear of a relapse, I seek distraction from the garish and the laboured (Ehem - Louboutin's of the male kind). Dana Lee provides just that. She's a man's man when it comes to design, where simple trumps the overdone and attention is placed on that silly old thing, known as wearability. Lets take a looky look at Basics that are not so basic in muted shades of deliciousness.

Laundered Blazer - Palm Rice Print
Classic Shirt - Organic Muslin

Weekend Fleece - Jade Pigment Dye
Loose Chino - Guava Pigment Dye

3/4 Twill-Sleeved Henley - Plum Over Dye
Loose Chino - Slate Pigment Dye

Jean Jacket - Generic blue Stone Wash
Classic Shirt - Indigo Floral Rice Print
Classic Jeans - Generic Blue Stone Wash

Linen Shaker Knit - Smoke Blue

Linen Shaker Knit - Jute Colour
Classic Jeans - Generic Blue Stone Wash

Pics courtesy of Dana Lee


Mat said...

very party of 5! i jest(slightly), all looks great, nice soft focus too.

Eames Rocker. i know!!!

Krystal said...

I love her designs, how cool!

daisychain said...

Wow, her designs are awesome.

Vintage Threads said...

Love her designs. Great knitwear.