Monday, 1 November 2010

Return of the Spy.

Ello Ello Ello, how are we all? BIG BIG (scrap that) Mahoosive apologies for my recent state of hibernation, my excuse? well.... I could reel off a long list of endless, exciting adventures that repelled me from publishing my questionable tastes and daydreams for you lovely folk..... though I'm struggling to think of one!! WOW - my fear of living a distinctly average life, might just be reality. Anywho, Apart from  frantically trying to remember an hour long password for my bloggy blog (epic fail), I still work the preferred hours of Miss Dolly Parton as a buyer whilst working nights trying to sell myself to the highest bidder (How the eff do you "Explain in detail, the reason why you would be THE perfect candidate for the role in question", without verging into self indulgence and egotistical vulgarity? tis difficult, right?) and interning at has kept my little ole self away from trouble. 
Enough of the catch up, Its time I bore you with the good stuff. I, a devout disciple of the Oliver people's testament, found myself becoming disillusioned with their samey samey rhetoric of late, desperately seeking a new revelation from the powers that be. A revelation that oozes all the goodness and delight of the past with a generous spin of the new. All things good comes to those who wait... Wait we did and the OP church doesn't disappoint with its latest offering of varying mediums and classic shapes. Like a faithful follower of the short sighted cause, I bow with pride and joy.
Kalder - Sandalwood
Golding - Antique Gold/Cocobolo

Abrams - Buff

Pics courtesy of Oliver Peoples


Krystal said...

oo those are quite nice!!

You entered the vintage handbag giveaway , yes?

galatea. said...

the white frames are perfect! soo clean and tidy x


KC said...

glad you're back. we missed you. love the first pair of glasses... hmmm.. do you have something similar?

Mat said...

where on earth have you been, no one really knows! mysterious.

I imagine the round ones to suit. good news on the intern