Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jennifer, Annabel, Phillipa, Sue.

Ahh... The simple days of school - Where currency came in the form of the bits + bats in your pencil case and "Cool" was measured not by the obscure bands you pretended to know and love but by the length of your school tie. Tuna baguettes with lashings of unbranded, E-number rich - salad cream and the sticky goodness of cornflake tart, whose sugar content was pure bliss for a ferrel child. These were just a few of my favourite things. School lunches aside, the acrid smell of wood polish is a scent that re-ignites memories of my days as a pupil, a pupil desperate to please and be a member of the "Teachers pet" society - yet distraction was and still is my downfall. From the dark chocolaty parquet floors to the uneven, wooden desks etched with past pupils messages of unrequited love (hmmm, I wonder if "JS + AB 4 EVA", are living happily ever after - Pfff!), were all laced in that distinctive odour. 
My recent trip to the big smoke had me accidentally stumble across Elemental, an antiques/vintage furniture specialist whom specialise in all things bright and industrial. The sweet smell of polish stopped me in my tracks to reveal school furniture of past. Once dismissed, now glorious!

School Table
Origin - UK
Year - 1950

Remploy Chair
Origin - UK
Year - 1970

Stacking Tubular Metal School Desk
Origin - UK
Year - 1970

My Favourite
Gym Horse
Origin - Belgium
Year - 1930

Pics courtesy of Elemental


Caitlin said...

i heart beautiful south - IDST + BOMA xx

Caroline said...

I'd swap my favourite rubber and pen for the gym horse :) xxx

KC said...

all these are very nostalgic. i'd like to have that long school table as my study desk please. it will give me so much room for all my clutter. haha!!


daisychain said...

oh god, that gym horse, love it!

totally going to have to have a go at making cornflake tart too, it was a favourite for sure.

Krystal said...

this reminded me of those desks that you had to lift the top to get your stuff out of :) how fun.