Tuesday, 1 June 2010

St Look.....1/06/10

Amy - Online Creative Director, Intro Menswear

Jacket - Vintage Leather
Top - Religion
Bag - Chloe, Paratay
Shoes - Topshop
Specs - Tom Ford
Necklace - Stephen Webster

Hi... Remember me? Indeed Its been a while since I last posted any intriguing tidbits, I sincerely apologise and yet I have no valid excuse to bore you with.... Thus, I offer you this Beauty whom I hope will quench your appetites and avoid the 1001 lashings I so readily deserve. Fetishes aside, How art thou?


Mat said...

your gift is received too, it's like for like in my eyes don't be silly.

the cos thing was through work but it actually opened a week before to the public, hopefully the menswear will be coming in in a few months, i hope.

Clarks is still on the high street, its next to all saints on market street silly. and i dont actually work in the manchester topman, i work in my hometown one, in blackpool!

Fabi said...

AMAZING shoes!!!

Smart said...

The shoes!!!! LOVE them!

KC said...

love the shoes and the accessories.


Julia said...

well, i'll do it the next time, thanks ;)
nice outfit btw