Thursday, 3 June 2010


Call me a pessimist, (the principles of "The Secret" are a tad too sickeningly positive for my cynical, doom and gloom ways) but I had come to the bitter conclusion that I was to never adopt a used but not abused second hand goody, of designer lineage and at an all important bargain price. No! Cheap will not suffice,  Im talking blow your own horn cheap followed by little jig that even a dyspraxic child would envy. Indeed, the G-D's have praised my patience (of what little I have... and whoever said patience is a virtue is a tease). Amongst all the shameful and naaaasty bric-a-brac displayed within an Oxfam store, a beauty glistened in all its chestnut leathery glory and at £4 - $5.64 (I tell no lie), this Yves Saint Laurent wallet is mine, all mine! Ok... Its a tad feminine but I couldn't resist its goodness... Please do share, any charity shop goodies you beauties have claimed.

Wallet - Yves Saint Laurent
Camera - Fish Eye Film


Alanna said...

lucky you! im green with envy right now!

Mat said...

that is one amazing bargain, i agree with alanna, i'm green with envy!

£4 you say, geezzz

yeah ive had a look at the book, will be blogging about it this week fo sho


Don't be jealous... well to be fair I would be so go ahead! HA

Ivan said...

I liked the blog, loved the post..thanks for stopping by..welcome to

KC said...

lcuky you.. that wallet is so nice. i'm envious as well.

MarcoBerlin said...

What a buy haha.unbelievable.congrats!

Raez said...

holy wow! that is definitely an amazing fins, lucky lucky you:)

xx raez

Andie said...

oh that wallet is gorgeous!! what a score!

and i love the comment you left me on my blog! "i can taste the rainbow"
nice one

Cory said...

ahah wow, £4! I don't think I've had a vintage find that good...ever. Well, I found a Victorian watch key on Portobello Road for a tenth of its typical value but that's hardly as covetable an item.

Jamie Watson said...

What a find. Cute and love the colour


IsauraQuevedo said...

I just bought yesterday a pair of converse like yours, exactly the same! love them