Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sir Philip... You spoil me

Sir Philip + team are back to satisfy your appetite with its second helping of its perfectly risen TOPMANLTD collection of the year. The label promises no Hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours, colours nor E numbers in this Spring banquet. The ingredients - 50% Scandinavian style, 30% Simple lines, 10% prints and 10% classic cuts. Taste Test - The collection is far simpler then its predecessors, the design team have shied away from a Heston Blumenthal foamed concoction of lettering and bold flavoured prints. In its place, are taste buds are tantalised by sharp specs of vivid yellows, corals, paprika and emerald greens which perfectly compliment the earth undertones. The Verdict...... I need time to digest (I had seconds of the 50's bowling shirt collar). Enough with the Loyd Grossman talk, on a serious note, their are many stand out pieces that I shall be acquiring. However, I just feel that their is too much of one thing and not enough of the other (sorry Philip... were still best mates right??). Id like to see them introduce a pair of shoes or three into the collection and maybe focus less on outerwear... What do you guys think, yey or ney?
White Double breasted Jacket - £90
Stone Multi Seam Trouser - £40
Green Double breasted Jacket - £90
Camel Zip Through Bomber - £36
White Roll-Up Shirt - £28
Navy Geo Print Resort Shirt - £30 
Yellow Chinos - £40
White Geo Panel T - £18
White Resort roll-up Shirt - £28
Brown Leather Pleat Belt - £20
Navy Silken Scoop Neck T - £18
Olive Slouch Vest - £10

I present the icing on the cake...
Brown Leather BriefCase - £65
View and shop the full collection at

Pics courtesy of Topman


Clare said...

oooh, these are lovely! AND re: my giveaway, one of the t shirts is for boys so it's all good!

tweet tweet tweet


Meggstatus said...

My overall reaction is MEH. I know that wasn't an option but I have just created a third choice. All of these pieces look high quality and clean but there's nothing that keeps my attention too long. Just my humble opinion.



How very dare you! HA

Your humble opinion is always welcome matey!

Mat said...

i'd say yey but only yey sort of. i mean i like it (esp the green db blazer) but im not really clicking fast to buy. maybe sales?

ps they will introduce shoes in later, they always do.

Last Style of Defense said...

really love the green blazer and the yellow pants : )


Wise words Maty! Nicknames too soon? Is that a tad too over familiar! HA

elizar33 said...

the White Resort roll-up Shirt looks promising...

BTW, thanks for your comments on my blog...

DEA said...

you wrote on my blog that I should translate my text so that everyone can understand them..... :s I think that there´s something wrong with blogger or something like that cause all my texts are written in english.... :s I´m sorry that there was some problems with the text but THANK YOU SO MUCH FRO YOUR KIND WORDS!They made my day :)

Mat said...

ha i dont mind nicknames but NOT matty, hate that. makes me feel about 10.

think of another...

Valerie said...

i love that briefcase love it
great blog

itsjustleyla said...

great collection!

i've been to berlin just 2 times but i have to say that this city is gorgeous. you should go to the east-side-gallery. its the last and longest part of the berlin wall and its full of art.
and you should go to the Fernsehturm, Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, ... enjoy!

MarcoBerlin said...

The brown leather briefcase is just what I am looking for. Clean and simple. The pleat belt is also nice. But as you said, I'd like to see some shoes.
Great post!
All the best from Berlin

MarcoBerlin said...

The leather briefcase is just what I am looking for. I have one but its a little too small to fit bigger stuff in. I like the belt too. I will see what else they have new at TOPMAN.
Great post!
All the best from Berlin