Monday, 19 April 2010


23 going on 73... In recent years I have increasingly become one of those whom cant help but "tut".  Queues, people walking at a third of the average walking speed (those culprits are victims of two of my menacing tuts) the list is endless... The outside world is abundant with many an inconsiderate person, so I, like an arthritic pensioner am at my happiest in my long johns, a blistering hot water bottle, a mug of earl grey, a chocolate digestive or two and a good documentary on the history channel, SAD!! But true! One pet hate that truly grinds my gears (pea-tear-griffin) is the infuriating and exasperating (deep breaths) daily occurrence of emptying all pockets of my ones, twos and threes (pennies). What's worse is that I have had a hole in my lambs-leather wallet for over two years which leaves a trail of pennies for many to have a day of good luck and leaves me with a slightly pathetic looking bank balance. Hey, what's mine is yours - not for long. Its time that I invest in a new wallet and I have found just the brand. Il Bussetto is an Italian leather manufacturer whom take pride in its craftsmanship, producing wallets and coin purses in rare leathers and distinctive colours. 

Ostrich Leg Leather wallet 

Sting Ray Leather wallet

Black Leather Wallet - £75

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Pics courtesy of Liberty + Il Bussetto


Nadir H. said...

OUF I want one!

Jack Daniel said...

Woah, I want one of these...!

Ganymede Girl said...

Oohh these are very nice, I particularly like the stingray one.