Friday, 26 February 2010

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Blog blog blog blog, everyone now has a fashion slash street style blog! The world wide web has been saturated with blogs, mine included! The question is amongst the good bad and the ugly (mine being apart of the latter) where do you get your monies worth! The following blogs are my favourites and I am known to frantically check them every hour for their latest tit bits but Shhhhhhh don't tell them! We wouldn't want them to get a big head, would we!!??

Hanneli Mustaparta
The beautiful Norwegian blogger not only treats her readers to street style pics but is also known to give away some goodies including YSL totes and the sparkly bra featured above (Im sure she gave it a good rinse before it was sent out to the lucky recipient)

Yvan Rodic
AKA Face Hunter is the Jules Verne of the pack, traveling around the world in 80 frames (yikes, excuse the pun!)  This dude never fails to feed its hungry readers i.e. moi!

Mary Scherpe & Dario Natale
If I was to have a favourite these guys would be it! They post photos of the average Joe with above average personal style! Forget your fashion buyers and Conde Nast journalists (whom get all their clothes for free, while we hard working folk have to scrounge our pennies for samples and seconds, I swear I'm not bitter, really I'm not! Ha!) Its all about the Berliners! 


Amelia said...

i loovvveee Yvan Rodic!


WOW! Thats a lot of love!

Davidikus said...

A nice selection! I don't know the last couple so I'll have a look. Thanks for the info.