Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The sun has got his hat on... hip hip hip - blahhh! The fickle month of April, that typically has us Brits drenched in the wet stuff and cowering under our stereotypical "Made in Britain" waxed, waterproofs. Has been replaced by a serene scene of scented carpets and our usual stagnant city air is now laced with the delicious and distinct scent of sizzling fat on smoldering barbecues. With our pagan G-D blessing our usually drizzly isles with glorious sunshine, we have come one in worshiping the sunshine. Layers have been shed, baring almost all on our tiny high-rise balconies to bathe in our pagan G-D's warm kiss.   
Though for I, the little spy, the early coming of summers bliss is bitter sweet. Bitter because I have been stripped of my final month of layering. I revel in tiers of fabrics and contrasting textures and summer prevents just that. Instead we plod along in yawn inducing tee's and knobbly knees, exposed by shorts in various shades of boring. 
Impatiently I await for autumn's return. Until then I look to Dana Lee's impeccable FW11 collection, which consists of simplistic layers of rag-knits, hopsack shirting and marino wools in the most delectable colour pallet of deep burgundies, orange rusts, lavenders and olive greens.

Pics courtesy of Dana Lee


Glenda C said...

these are so raaaaddd!!

KC said...

i, like you, am more fond of layering than stripping during summer.


Mat said...

very to my taste too, almost looks like my wardrobe. hope it's going good

Angeles Almuna said...

Interesting post! love the pictures and the idea of layers...and I love autumn , I miss that kind of weather here in Miami, but not complains, I'm very lucky to live here!


thingsIlove said...

They look amazing. I love men with great style :)